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We could tell you about our years of experience (the school started in the year 2000), or about the exams we prepare our students for (100% success rate for internationally-recognised certificates), or the excellence of our teachers (all dedicated, native and near native speakers), but what makes us so special is our smiley students. Whether they are pre-school, primary school, secondary school, university students or other, they smile when they are with us.

Most of our students stay with us for years… We see them start to speak English, we see them start to read and write in English and we see them start to think in English. We see them grow up and we say goodbye to them when they’ve passed their exams, ready to use their English in the world.

Some of our students leave us completely bi-lingual, many leave us knowing that they can communicate with confidence and skill in all areas of life on all continents. They all make us proud.

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You can register your interest at any time in the year, and if we are unable to find a place for your child when you register, you become a priority for as soon as a place appears. The best time to apply for the new school year in September is from May onwards.


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