English language school for every age – Belgrade

our youngest students

Although students can start with us at any age, our youngest students start with us at 4 years old for one hour a week. We teach them colours, animals, numbers and the sound of English through teacher/student interaction as well as songs and games. The following year they expand their vocabulary and start to learn the alphabet, its symbols and its sounds and they start writing letters.

The year after that, their lessons are one-and-a half hours and they continue with the alphabet and start reading and writing - all the time expanding their vocabulary and their speaking and listening skills. Before they move to twice-weekly lessons they spend one year consolidating their knowledge and skills with a course which introduces them to the concept of learning grammar systematically.

Our primary school, secondary school
and university students

At the ages of 10 or 11 they start twice-weekly lessons of one-and-a-half hours each and continue to expand, improve and develop their English with a full programme of speaking, listening, reading, grammar, spelling, writing and use-of-English skills. We use modern and stimulating coursebooks, carefully selected from different publishers.

Each year students advance to the next level which challenges them with more complex language and grammatical structures and, of course, a broader vocabulary. By the time teenagers and university students take their English language examinations they will also have learnt exam practice and study skills, particularly in reading and writing, which will prove invaluable for their future studies in their own language as well as in English.

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letter of recommendation from british council

British Council is extremely proud to be your parner in enabling the students of your school to have access to internationally recognised English language examinations, which open doors for them to a brighter and better future.


how to apply

You can register your interest at any time in the year, and if we are unable to find a place for your child when you register, you become a priority for as soon as a place appears. The best time to apply for the new school year in September is from May onwards.