Commitment to all our English language students

Our commitment

To be committed to our students means getting to know each and every one of them: what they are good at; what they find more difficult; what they are interested in; what their future plans and ambitions are, and always, when it comes to assessing their English language learning abilities, acting in their best interests.

Our teachers, like our students, stay with us for years. Often, by the time a student leaves us, he or she will have been taught by each of our teachers. A course lasts the whole school year and students are taught by the same teacher for that year. In order to always provide 'the personal touch', and despite being a successful and sought-after school, we have preferred to remain relatively small and exclusive, with the vast majority of our students coming to us via recommendation from existing or past students – some of whom now have children who they send to us.

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letter of recommendation from british council

British Council is extremely proud to be your parner in enabling the students of your school to have access to internationally recognised English language examinations, which open doors for them to a brighter and better future.


how to apply

You can register your interest at any time in the year, and if we are unable to find a place for your child when you register, you become a priority for as soon as a place appears. The best time to apply for the new school year in September is from May onwards.